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The world is full of debates and arguments. And Vape vs smoking is also one of them. Could vaping save a smokes life? The answer is YES in many ways. And Vaping E cigarettes is almost less harmful as compare to tobacco cigarettes.

Tobacco smoking causes cancer is the universal truth and proven and happen to many smokers. Long term chain smokers have high chances of causing Lung and mouth cancer. The main cause of cancer is Nicotine in Tobacco. The tar in the tobacco consumed in lungs causes lung cancer. Carbon monoxide produced through cigarettes causes mouth cancer. There are many chemicals involved in tobacco and chemical process are involved while making cigarettes. The chain smokers generally feel weakness and tiredness where vaping has no such effects on human body.

Vape Cart provides packges of E liquids and Vape India at lowest price possible with wide range of vaporizer combos. Vape Cart is responsible for almost more than two thousand people to quit smoking. We need not go to conclusion for vape and human life. Yes vaping can save smokers life over smoking. When we compare vaporizer with cigarettes absolutely Vaporizer starter pack and E liquid India is always less harmful to human body. Let’s evaluate beginner smoker and chain smokers, There are vaporizers specially designed for beginner by which smoker can quit smoking with the help of vaporizer. And chain smokers using vaporizer 15 plus days have 90% of better chances of quit smoking. Precaution is better than cure . So lets assume if someone is gonna die after 30 years because of smoking if he switches to vaporizer, the person has life spam almost same as normal person who does not smoke.

Anything inhaling is dangerous in excessive quantity. User must define prefect vaporizer for him. He can buy E liquid in India at Vape Cart. Stop Smoking Start Vaping. Happy Vaping by VapeCart.